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Graphite crucible

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This kind of graphite crucible is specially used for aluminum coated film production under vacuum condition. Quality of graphite crucible will greatly affect film quality and production cost. Vacuum evaporation aluminum coating is a process under vacuum condition to coat aluminum onto film substrates to form a composite film. Such as substrates as BOPET, BONY, BOPP, PE, PVC, direct evaporation transferring process usually applied. The vacuum evaporation aluminum coating process requires high quality graphite crucible, and we are capable of stable and quality supplying.

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Ningheda Graphite material Advantages

1.Graphite raw material has high bulk density and low porosity, which resists the erosion of molten aluminum liquid and gaseous aluminum particles to the greatest extent.

2.Graphite raw material with high purity, low ash content prevents volatile substances in production, avoiding spots, holes on aluminum coated film, which can guarantee the quality of the aluminum coated film.

3.Graphite crucible has precise dimensions, smooth surface, strong oxidation resistance, low consumption and long service life.

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Bulk Density


Compressive Strength


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Specific Resistance


Ash content


Shore Hardness










Advantages of graphite crucible for vacuum evaporation coating of aluminum

1. Thermal stability: According to the use conditions of graphite crucible for rapid heating and cooling, special design is carried out to ensure the reliability of quality;

2. Corrosion resistance: The uniform and fine matrix design delays the corrosion of the crucible;

3. Impact resistance: The thermal shock strength that the graphite crucible can withstand is extremely high, so any process can be carried out with confidence;

4. Acid resistance: the addition of special materials significantly improves the quality of graphite crucibles, has excellent performance in terms of acid resistance indicators, and greatly prolongs the service life of graphite crucibles;

5. High thermal conductivity: The high content of carbon ensures good thermal conductivity, shortens the dissolution time, and significantly reduces fuel consumption or other energy consumption;

6. Control of metal pollution: Strict control of material composition ensures that the graphite crucible does not pollute the metal during dissolution;

7. Quality stability: The technical process and quality assurance system of the high-pressure forming method more fully guarantee the stability of the quality.

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